An artist, girl in pink t-shirt and beige overalls, with rainbow dyed hair, sits on a leather chair with her white and brown greyhound in her arms. An abstract acrylic painting in pink, blue, and white colors is standing behind her on the easel.

Masha Raw is a visual artist based in San Francisco, CA. She started her journey as a painter in 2019, and since then she has developed her own style and vision as a creator.‬

‪While loving to combine different mediums, Masha ‬favors fluid techniques, like painting with alcohol inks. Fluid mediums are sensitive to deviations, all while obeying the handler. Her paintings often couple smoothness of color transitions, a delicacy of thin lines with abrupt distortions, intentional imperfections, or bulky elements. This contrast and perceptual duality help create images that draw the viewer in and invite them to explore themselves deeper.

‪Her paintings are bold, vibrant abstracts with‬ an artist's message and vision and are always open to observers' interpretations.